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Lime Lollipop -Mota- 150mg THC From GanjaWest

Lime Lollipop -Mota- 150mg THC From GanjaWest – 9/10


  • no smells from outside the bag – sealed well
  • smells like sweet lime jello or kool-aid
  • no weird earthyness or weed smells of any kind


  • satin finish bag with MOTA sugar skull logo looks nice
  • no Health Canada info and no nutritional facts listed
  • claims to be lab tested
  • lollipop is bigger than average and very thick
  • nice green colour to it
  • can see a bubbly finish on the one side
  • uses a paper based stick – not plastic


Started to eat at 1:55pm – finished at 2:13pm

  • very very sweet
  • tastes like a lime lolli
  • it does start to get bitter after a very short while
  • doesn’t wear down smoothly like a regular lollipop – seems to be gritty inside
  • sort of burns the back of your throat after sucking on it for a while


  • 2:13pm – finished lolli – definitely have a body buzz but pretty minimal right now
  • 2:30pm – meh – feels like it’s like the third hour after smoking a joint
  • 2:45pm – smoked two small bowls of Diesel in the bong
  • 2:58pm – feeling fucking wrecked
  • 3:30pm – dry mouth, dry eyes, whole body feels great, dreamy and totally baked
  • there was no way I was able to take notes after this point but the effects of the lollipop lasted the entire rest of the day with the extreme intensity starting to wear down sometime closer to 8pm

Reviewed Oct 18, 2020

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