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Death Bubba From HappyClouds

This sample of flower was provided free of charge by HappyClouds for the purposes of review.

Death Bubba From HappyClouds – 8.75/10


  • sweet and greasy
  • has a kush type of nasal pinch
  • a touch skunky
  • gassy
  • very very strong and potent smelling


  • larger sized bud is very tight, dense and springy
  • manicure seems alright – hasn’t been microphoned
  • pretty damn sticky
  • really nice mix of darker and lighter greens with purple hues and deeper orangey/brown stigmas
  • trichomes are duller with a little bit of sparkle here and there on the outside but sparkles like a disco ball when broken open


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up to a decent consistency which is nice
  • lots of bud stick in the grinder – definitely way above average
  • average amount of kief showing up during the grind
  • extremely easy to roll which is usually how it goes with the sticky stuff
  • ash is medium-darker grey and fairly soft but stains the fingers


  • greasy pine
  • earthy sweet skunkiness
  • vanilla/caramel taste
  • creamy
  • somewhat coughy – not harsh really but definitely induces the coughing
  • getting a salted caramel aftertaste


  • high starts to hit about 3/4 of the way into the joint
  • very heady and deep stoned feeling
  • eyes feeling dry
  • good pain relief
  • sort of a dreamy type feeling
  • have a chesty taste of skunk on deeper breaths
  • +2hr high but felt extremely sleepy after 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

A super fresh batch of DANK super sticky Death Bubba. Looking for that GAS? Look no further, this Death Bubba has that sharp gassy nose everyones looking for. Nice chunky pieces all the way throughout the bag with patches of purple. When you light up a joint the taste and ash colour are perfect. Burns slow but stays lit. Another Quad.

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