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Tropic Truffle From HappyClouds

This sample of flower was provided free of charge by HappyClouds for the purposes of review.

Tropic Truffle From HappyClouds – 9.75/10


  • this stuff straight up smells like calamansi
  • very strong potent citrus
  • little bit earthy
  • pretty strong hints of greasy petroleum product when broken open
  • probably one of the absolute best smelling cannabis flowers yet


  • very frosted and sparkly nugs
  • fluffy-dense buds lean just a little bit towards dry but still are still springy when you squeeze em
  • a few frosty sugar leafs but trim job looks pretty nice
  • beautiful mix of greens, purples and amber stigmas and the trichomes have a slightly amber appearance
  • good amount of stickiness


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up nicely to fairly even sized chunks
  • above average bud and kief stick in the grinder
  • rolls really nicely – pleasure rolling stickier medicinal flowers
  • resulted in a thick tight joint
  • burns lighter grey ash that’s mostly really soft with just a touch of grit and zero finger stain


  • tastes pretty much exactly how it smells – calamansi citrus fruit
  • earthy – powdered cake donut that was dropped in the dirt
  • fermented fruit/wine
  • tastes like the smell of old willow furniture on a deck in the rain
  • really getting that citrusy taste as the most prominent flavour right to the end


  • somewhat of a creeper – finished the doob and feeling OK but nothing special really
  • less than 5min later the high sneaks up
  • head is in the clouds
  • deep baked
  • has a citrusy skunky aftertaste and smell left behind
  • pain relief city – pretty much forgot what pain is
  • high lasts +2hrs

Reviewed Oct 10, 2020

This strain is a chocolatey tropical treat from Exotic Genetix as part of their 2018 Mint Chocolate Chip lineup. Bred by crossing Oni Seed Co.’s Tropicana Cookies with Mint Chocolate Chip, Tropic Truffle offers a rancid orange terpene profile that will spike your interest while making you scrunch up your nose. This strain also puts out rich purple hues that contrast with lime green buds, giving this strain a candy-like appeal.

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