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Zkittlez From HappyClouds

This sample of flower was provided free of charge by HappyClouds for the purposes of review.

Zkittlez From HappyClouds – 9/10


  • sour citrus / orange
  • very potent smell – similar to a citrus based cleaning product
  • skunky when broken open
  • a touch earthy
  • incredibly citrus/skunky when busted up – smell wafts up and punches you in the brain


  • good manicure on a nice sized bud +2G
  • dense and sprinky
  • beautiful mix of greens, purples, amber stigmas and white sparkly trichomes
  • very sparkly on the inside
  • moisture level seems perfect
  • mmmm she’s sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busts up nicely – good consistent sizing
  • little bit above average bud stuck in the grinder
  • above average amount of kief
  • extremely easy to roll – nice thick tight joint
  • ash is a bit darker grey and incredibly soft but stains fingers black


  • sweet creamy citrus
  • fermented fruit
  • herbal
  • white glue
  • skunky hay
  • has a bit of a throat tickle that induces coughing but not harsh until last few puffs
  • finishes with a strong woody/cedar taste


  • starts to kick in shortly after first few puffs
  • seems pretty strong
  • head is just a floatin
  • great pain relief
  • really spaced out and introspective
  • absolute couch locker
  • lasts +2hrs in a nice deep buzz

Reviewed Oct 9, 2020

This batch of Zkittlez is particularly awesome. The smells coming out of the bag are some of the strongest and most potent we’ve ever come across. You don’t even have to squeeze or bust up the bud to get punched in the face by oranges, peaches, diesel and GAS. Effects are extremely potent and a bit above a true couch-lock stone, effects may be described as Hybrid leaning Indica.

This strain will not disappoint, exactly what you expect from a true quad.

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