• citrus – real citrus not that weird chemically cleaning product citrus smell
  • orange and grapefruit peels/essential oils


  • green plastic bottle with child-resistant lid
  • small logo and tons of Health Canada BS
  • 355ml of liquid with 2.5mg of THC and <0.1mg of CBD
  • claims to be equivalent to 5.1 grams of dried cannabis flower
  • the beverage itself is a slightly cloudy pale yellow/green colour that’s similar in appearance to lemon-lime gatorade


  • not much really…
  • this tastes exactly like water with a few lemon slices added and sort of muddled in
  • there is nothing noticeably strange – no weed or earthy or bitter tastes of any kind


Started to drink the beverage @ 5:17pm – finished @ 6:14pm

  • 6:14pm – no noticeable effect
  • 6:25pm – still the same – no noticeable effect
  • 6:33pm – smoked a bong – 2 bowls of mixed flower – haven’t felt anything more than the normal buzz from smoking a bowl..

Reviewed Oct 6, 2020

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