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White Death Bubba From Budem

This flower was donated by a friend for the purposes of review.

White Death Bubba From Budem – 9.5/10


  • earthy and sweet
  • smells like a nice fall forest
  • skunky
  • plasticky grease smell when broken open


  • OK manicure – a few small leaves
  • tight, dense, springy and sticky
  • great moisture content
  • even mix of medium and dark greens with a decent amount of orangey-amber stigmas
  • some trichome sparkle on the outside but really glistens on the inside when broken open


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to decent consistency – little bit chunky but not bad
  • crazy amount of bud stuck -nearly glued- into the grinder
  • average amount of kief from busting
  • rolled nicely – sticky weed is a pleasure to roll
  • ash is medium darker grey and unbelievably soft textured


  • first puff tastes garden fresh
  • super earthy
  • clean
  • hint of apples
  • floral
  • skunky near the end on nasal exhales
  • very coughy – starts getting a bit harsh during last 1/4


  • slow burning joint hits about 1/2 way in
  • coughed myself to tears
  • runny nose
  • pain relief – hardcore – body feels really loose & nice
  • head foggy
  • very spaced out and forgetful
  • couch-locker
  • lasts 2.5 – 3hrs

Reviewed Sept 28, 2020

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