TWD.28 Sativa From A Local Dispensary – 7/10


  • sweet bubblegum
  • earthy
  • dusty
  • has a dental chemical smell
  • overall fairly weak scent
  • very very similar to Sea Warp


  • relatively leafy – manicure is not good
  • brown buds
  • fairly dull looking trichomes sparkle when broken open
  • somewhat dense buds are still a bit springy before they crumble


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up OK – some bigger chunks but not bad
  • minimal bud stuck in the grinder
  • slightly above average kief left behind
  • roll was a little tricky due to being so effin dry – worked out ok but thin


  • piney
  • earthy
  • slighly bitter
  • woody
  • just a bit harsh
  • has a skunkiness on the exhale
  • floral – like a skunk in a bed of flowers
  • touch of black pepper


  • kicks in during last few puffs
  • doesn’t seem super potent but have a nice buzz going on
  • head foggy
  • surreal vision
  • slight chesty feeling and taste
  • mind is active
  • feels fairly motivational
  • decent pain relief

Reviewed Sept 26, 2020 flower, local dispensary, low cost, m-z, reviews

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