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Star Killer From MMJ Express

This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from MMJ Express.

Star Killer From MMJ Express – 9/10


  • sweet dank skunky gas
  • earthy sourness
  • greasy rubber – very pronounced when broken open


  • extremely sparkly buds
  • little bit shaggy popcorn sized nugs
  • darker greens and purples mixed with reddish brown stigmas
  • the trichomes that don’t sparkle add a whitish coating
  • fairly dry but a little bit sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • bused up alright – somewhat chunky consistency but overall not bad
  • average amount of bud and kief stuck in the grinder
  • the bits of weed left behind was practically glued in the buster & required serious pokage to get free
  • rolled fairly easily – just sticky enough to stay together
  • ash is darker grey – slightly gritty and leaves a little bit of finger stain


  • fresh garden peas covered in hydraulic grease
  • citrusy pine
  • earthy
  • wet wood / cardboard
  • hardcore skunkiness in the nasal passages on an exhale


  • face feeling a bit fuzzy
  • nice head fogginess
  • energetic feeling
  • motivated
  • pain relief
  • really decent high with just a touch of a chesty feeling
  • got a spacey focus – go to do something and end up spacing out and focusing on something else for a while

Reviewed Sept 22, 2020

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