MOTA Dried Pineapple 80MG THC / 10MG CBD From GanjaWest – 9/10


  • sweet sugary dried pineapple
  • little bit of a green tea scent
  • no weed or anything strange smelling


  • MOTA sugar skull bag looks pretty neat
  • white text on a busy yellow background is a little difficult to read
  • claims to be lab tested
  • not a child-proof bag – missing Canada THC logos etc.
  • pineapple chunks look just like store bought dried pineapple
  • nothing abnormal or weird
  • 9 different sized chunks
  • trying to dose less than the full amount would be difficult given the odd shapes and sizes


Ate all 9 pieces starting at 1:00pm and finishing at 1:07pm

  • sugar overload
  • holy fucking sweet
  • slightly sour – it is pineapple after all
  • it does have hints of weed or some sort of herbal taste
  • slightly bitter during the last 3pc


  • 1:07pm – nothing
  • 1:11pm – forehead feeling woobly, eyes darting around
  • 1:20pm – just finished eating some food (leftover pizza)
    • surreal vision
    • dry eyes
    • feeling fairly spacey
    • definitely feeling it – similar to a join but without the lung feeling/taste
  • 1:45pm – smoked some PDB in a bong – feeling good
  • 2:10pm – feeling pretty wrecked and unable to focus on anything for very long
  • Stopped tracking how things were going because I felt pretty damn out of it at this point – lasted until a little after 5:00pm

Reviewed Sept 24, 2020 dank, edibles, ganjawest, other edibles, reviews

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