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Limonene & Tonic By House of Terpenes (Hexo) From Local Dispensary

Limonene & Tonic By House of Terpenes (Hexo) From Local Dispensary – 7.5/10


  • this stuff smells like sweet citrusy lemon
  • almost like lemon iced tea
  • fairly weak on the scent
  • getting hints of pear


  • glass bottle with shrink wrap label that’s mostly plain with a small logo and standard Canadian cannabis warnings
  • cap is not twist off – get your bottle opener handy
  • contains 5 MG each THC & CBD
  • 355ml beverage claims to be equivalent to 5.07 grams of dried cannabis
  • the beverage itself is like a pale yellow neon piss colour (thank the carotene they used)
  • very slightly fizzy from the sparkling tonic


  • tastes similar to Vitamin water with a bit of fizz – or the original recipe lemon-lime NUUN tablets
  • citrusy
  • has some bitterness from the tonic
  • flavour is fairly mild overall and just a bit sweet
  • it’s really quite nice and doesn’t have any sort of weird earthy weed like some other beverages and edibles do


Started drinking this at 1:35pm and finished at 2:10pm
I tried to chew and swish the drink in an effort to maximize any sublingual effects

  • 1:41pm – a few sips taken and my face feels a bit tingly
  • 1:49pm – neck & head feeling a little weird and woobly
  • 2:10pm – just finished the drink and feeling good – pain free & really takes the edge off
  • 2:26pm – still feeling kind of numb and fuzzy in the face and body
  • 2:55pm – smoked a couple bowls of Mendo Breath flower in the bong – not really feeling much more than normal
  • 3:17pm – nose is pretty darn cold and arms/legs feeling woobly

I really felt a heck of a lot more off the beverage than I thought – the cannabis smoked didn’t seem to be intensified at first but I found myself pretty couch-locked for a good couple of hours and stopped taking notes.

Reviewed Sept 21, 2020

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