Pink Cherry Dragon’s Tears From Just Cannabis – 9.25/10


  • earthy
  • sour – fruity kind of sour, like a candy
  • floral & flowery


  • pop-top tube with professional style label (this one had something smeared on it)
  • Patron dispenser for the oil – the best dispenser for goo’s like this
  • oil itself is reddish amber coloured
  • looks very light yellow – almost transparent when spread on a Zig-Zag paper
  • this particular dispenser arrived with some oil on the threads near the tip – between that and the smear on the label, perhaps need a bit better quality control


3x dabstones & 1x titanium nail hit – no residue on dabstone but fair amount on the nail

  • tastes sweet – very sweet
  • fairly terpy
  • hints of berries
  • earthy undertones
  • has more flavour on the nail than the dabstone
  • super tasty


  • started to kick in after the first dabstone
  • feeling fairly energetic to start – seems to last 15min or so
  • head feels weird – pulsing like a night club
  • pain relief
  • getting really relaxed and chill
  • very nice buzz seems to last close to 2hrs

Reviewed Sept 19, 2020

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