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Bubble Hash – CAMMP

Bubble Hash From CAMMP – 9/10


  • oranges
  • mandarin oranges
  • pine trees
  • smells like x-mas
  • slightly sour
  • incredibly earthy when working with it to break a piece off


  • incredibly sticky square shaped chunk in a plastic bag
  • had to freeze the bag to get the hash off without it sticking
  • looks wet & shiny
  • has reddish brown tinge around the edges
  • unbelievably soft
  • sticks to everything
  • ash is very light grey – nearly white & firm until poked


  • this was not rolled – it was tested in a silicone hash pipe with glass bowl and ceramic disc filter


  • super earthy
  • touch of mint
  • very kief flavoured
  • really light
  • hints of tea – black or maybe rosehip tea
  • somewhat floral


  • noticed it hitting pretty much immediately after the first puff
  • feeling a really nice buzz
  • somewhat energetic
  • about 15min in and feeling incredibly wrecked
  • really head foggy
  • face feels fuzzy
  • pain? … what pain?
  • seems like fairly potent hash

Reviewed Sept 14, 2020

***We are making some changes to our Bubble Hash making and will be using a dehydrator to extract all moisture out of the hash***
***This will mean future purchases will be a drier product. This will eliminate any chance of mould but make the product less pliable.*** ***Same high quality maximum potency extraction process***
The process involves only fresh, clean, BC mountain ice cold water used to extract THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Plant matter and toxins are literally rinsed away, unlike other extracts like “shatter” which usually involve using butane or isopropyl alcohol. These toxins are impossible to entirely get rid of — so you end up ingesting them. Note: Quality Shatter & Budder are made via CO2 extraction and we do not have access to this technology (yet). Bubble hash totally eliminates these toxins and is the CLEANEST way to smoke or ingest your cannabis. Our hash is shipped pliable, like soft putty hash so there is still some moisture & natural oils in the product. This means if it’s kept in a moist place it will eventually mold.. sometimes quickly.. so please freeze your excess hash. Either that or let it dry out from time to time until it is less pliable; do not keep it wrapped in plastic in a warm place!

CAMMP Website

Click here to view the alcohol test.

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