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Super Silver Haze PreRoll – Yeti Cannabis

This pack of Pre-Rolls was included as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from Yeti Cannabis.

A review on the Super Silver Haze flower has already been done, click the image below to view it.

These pre-rolls were a nice addition to an order.
They’re standard sized RAW cones but the ends are indented/concave which is a little weird looking but lights up really nice and evenly.

As for burn, its just like just about every other pre-roll I’ve tried so far – feels like its packed decently – not too tight or loose but very difficult to get a haul. – Takes a lot of work to get a decent hoot off the joint and by the time you’ve got what you would consider a reasonable lungful of smoke, you look at the joint and find out it’s run like a canoe on one side.

One joint was given away but all of the other 4 that were smoked had the same hard to puff & then run combo.

It really isn’t an exclusive fault of these particular joints however, this has been my experience with just about all pre-rolls and it’s the biggest reason I don’t bother purchasing them. (Although I saw a pack that looked different so we’ll see)

Super Silver Haze is some nice dank weed so these were nice pre-rolls to receive – Thanks Yeti Cannabis!

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