Blood Orange Live Resin From MMJ Express – 9/10


  • extremely terpy
  • sour
  • earthy
  • pronounced pine & citrus
  • bit of peppery spice
  • smells so good it should be an air freshener


  • bright orangey goo in a plastic jar
  • original label acts as a seal to prevent tampering but it irritating to deal with so was removed and left residue on the threads
  • the live resin is a beautiful colour that doesn’t shine through in images
  • looks wet and shiny
  • seems to have sugary looking crystals evenly mixed throughout

After/Before (I was wrecked when I made this image)


3x dabstones through water bong

  • tastes exactly how it smells
  • terpy
  • earthy
  • piney
  • little bit of peppery spice
  • hints of citrus


  • started to feel it kick in after the first dabstone
  • starts off a little light
  • gets intense within minutes
  • forgetful & spacey
  • feel a little energized but hard to stay focused
  • head is really foggy/up in the clouds
  • great pain relief
  • head feeling fuzzed all over – pronounced in the top & forehead
  • slightly dry eyes
  • starts winding down heavily around the 1.5hr mark

Reviewed Sept 11, 2020

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