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Death Bubba – WTF!!! Cannabis

This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis.

Death Bubba From WTF!!! Cannabis – 8/10


  • farts
  • dusty sawdust cheese
  • slight pine
  • garlicky grease when broken open
  • skunky grease when busted up
  • overall pretty weak smell


  • extremely hard and dense & springy buds
  • little bit on the smaller side & appear to be machine manicured
  • even mix of dark & light greens with brown hairs and trichomes all mixed in
  • mostly dull appearance with fair amount of sparkle on the inside
  • sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up a bit on the chunky side due to being super duper dense
  • left above average amount of bud & kief stuck in the grinder
    • not just stuck but practically glued to the inside of the budbuster
  • rolls incredibly easily – sticky weed nearly rolls itself if you ask nicely
  • ash is medium-light grey – very slightly gritty but stains fingers dark black


  • ultra bitter!!
  • vanilla
  • earthy
  • caramel
  • bitterness goes away about 1/2 way in
  • has a stale air & cardboard taste
  • astringent painty flavour
  • gives a bitter/sweet aftertaste


  • sets in during the last few puffs of the joint
  • seems pretty potent
  • head is very fuzzy
  • surreal vision going on
  • pain relief
  • can feel/taste it on deep breaths – little chesty
  • leaves you feeling spacey & forgetful

Reviewed Sept 10, 2020

Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-27% and effects that can end in an almost death-like sleep. Almost immediately after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you that leaves you uplifted and motivated with tendencies towards having psychoactive experiences. As the high continues, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness that can cause you to become distant in social situations. Upon the comedown from the high, Death Bubba pulls you into a deep and peaceful undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours on end, giving you the appearance of being unwakeable. Death Bubba has an aroma of musky earthy pine and a taste of spicy lemon pine with a hint of pungent earth upon exhale. This bud has medium-sized dark forest green nugs with rich purple undertones and a spattering of fiery orange hairs. Each nug is completely covered with dark olive green leaves that are almost furry and have a thick layer of frosty sandy white trichomes.

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