Deep Space From Local Dispensary – 4/10


  • weird medicinal gingery tonic scent
  • buttery
  • root beer
  • herbal like jagermeister
  • spicy
  • kind of scary smelling
  • little bit like vermouth – similar to a manhattan cocktail
  • earthy – but not in a cannabis way
  • not really noticing any weed smell at all


  • smaller sized black can – 222mL
  • has very small plain logo and all the required warnings, ingredients, nutritional facts, etc.
  • plastic child-proof cap thing – very irritating to deal with, why doesn’t beer have this?
  • 10mg of THC and less than 1mg of CBD but equivalent to 3.2 grams of dried cannabis flower …
  • no expiry date – specifically mentions that – not sure how adding cannabis to a beverage gives it an indefinite shelf-life; maybe the military might want to look into this for their rations
  • drink itself is incredibly dark – similar to dr.pepper with a hint of brownish/maroon hues around the edge of the liquid in the glass
  • too dark to see through
  • slightly bubbly
  • I did not enjoy this flavour very much – it became tolerable after the first couple of sips but not my thing


Started drinking at 12:45pm and finished by 1:08pm

  • OMG it’s fucking bitter as hell
  • weird kind of root beer style drink with an extreme bitterness and fuzzy tingle
  • if you can get over the bitterness, the flavour is not too bad
  • herbal root sweet bitter medicinal taste
  • very very sweet – probably to make up for how bitter it is
  • incredibly unique flavour – never really tasted anything like this before


  • 12:58pm – not finished drinking the beverage yet and my hear is feeling a little weird – like my brain is being tickled
  • 1:04pm – body feels loose
  • 1:20pm – 1:30pm – ate some food/water
  • 1:42pm – not feeling baked or anything – just nice, loose & relaxed – definitely getting some of that body numb/woobly “don’t operate heavy machinery” type feeling
  • 1:55pm – smoked some Berry White in the bong
  • 2:55pm – still have that woobly body feeling & going to hit the bong again
  • 3:33pm – not feeling anything more than before – think it peaked a while back
  • overall not knocked out or feeling stoned really from the drink – eyes a bit dry and a touch of energy but that could be the Berry White

Reviewed Sep 6, 2020 drinks, local dispensary, reviews

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