Caliber’s Berry White From Local Dispensary – 7.25/10


  • sweet & sour
  • citrusy
  • fruity – sort of like a sour fermenting fruit
  • dusty
  • has a hint of kush nasal pinch


  • sold in a rounded plastic jar with 62% Boveda packet
  • Boveda packet feels fresh but flower feels fairly dry
  • fluffy-dense buds still have a little bit of spring in them
  • overall dull looking weed with a bit of a yellow-brownish hue on mixed shades of green with orangey stigmas
  • has a nice coating of trichomes but they all appear dull – even when broken open – very little sparkle
  • hints of stickiness


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • grinds up to a nice even consistency
  • very little stickage in the grinder – average amount of kief left behind
  • roll was on the tricky side due to being dry weed
  • ash is medium-dark grey with a very soft texture


  • earthy
  • very yummy pine taste
  • somewhat funky
  • sweet
  • hints of paint
  • vanilla perfume
  • spicy bubblegum
  • smooth smoke all the way through


  • kicks in during the last 1/4 of the doobie
  • offers decent pain relief
  • feeling a little bit energetic – not bouncy or anything
  • has a good level of head fuzziness
  • definitely leaves you functional to do other things – will not couch-lock you
  • seems to last about 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed Sept 6, 2020 flower, local dispensary, low cost, reviews

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