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Blue Dream – WTF!!! Cannabis

This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from WTF!!! Cannabis.

Blue Dream From WTF!!! Cannabis – 7.25/10


  • sweet dank forest
  • dusty grease
  • somewhat like a barn on an animal farm
  • hints of hay/straw
  • fresh winter air
  • a touch perfumey


  • medium-large size buds are hard, dense & springy
  • manicure seems ok – looks machined because it’s rounded off but some tight leaves still apparent
  • nice mix of greens with lots of orangey/brown stigmas
  • trichome coating gives it a dull matte look on the outside with some sparkle when broken open
  • moisture content is leaning towards dry but still fairly decent
  • still a bit sticky


  • OCB single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • bused up a bit inconsistently with mostly even pieces mixed with some big chunks mixed in
  • minimal stick in the grinder – (both weed and kief)
  • roll was very simple & easy – no issues at all
  • ash is medium-light grey with soft texture that stains fingers black


  • terpy
  • green plant/chlorophyll type taste
  • somewhat earthy
  • bitter
  • sort of tastes like the smell of a really old book
  • getting some glue & paper flavour
  • bit of a sour milk product aftertaste – (cheesy)


  • hits about 1/2 way into puffing
  • eyes feel watery yet dry…?
  • spaced out & almost forgot to keep puffing
  • head hazy
  • body feeling a little numb
  • nice couch locker effect
  • kinda seems short lived
    • 30min later and want to go smoke more
    • not feeling much of anything at 1.5hr mark

Reviewed Sept 1, 2020

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