Candy Drop From MMJ Express – 8.25/10


  • purple gassy farts
  • dusty
  • a bit earthy
  • somewhat chemically astringent
  • has the kush nasal pinch
  • smells a bit like a really good BBQ – smokes meats
  • getting a greasy/plasticky/petroleum scent that is very pronounced when broken open


  • tough to say on the manicure of this stuff.. looks good enough
  • buds are pretty darn flattened
  • nice mix of greens with small amount of low contrasting orangey/brown stigmas
  • good coating of matte trichomes
  • seems to be fluffy-dense
  • dry but still a bit springy
  • still a little sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to a mixed consistency – somewhat bigger chunks with a bit of powderyness
  • above average bud & kief stuck behind in the grinder
  • somewhat tricky to roll due to chunk/powder ration but worked out OK – just enough stickiness to keep things mostly together & tight
  • ash is very light grey & incredibly soft textured


  • earth city!! – holy earthy taste on the first puff
  • woody like a wet 2×4
  • dank like a forest after a rain
  • vanilla/caramel
  • somewhat harsh on longer pulls
  • 2nd hand smoke wafting up in my face while writing notes smells like a nasty tobacco cigarette
  • very skunky nasal exhales


  • buzz starts somewhere around the half way point
  • very much instant pain relief
  • head is buzzed
  • feeling energetic
  • mood feels elevated
  • upbeat & energized with a little bit of bouncy mind racing
  • lasts 1.5 – 2hrs

Reviewed Sept 4, 2020 flower, mmj express, reviews

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