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Purple Ayahuasca – Hillside Pharms

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This flower was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from Hillside Pharms.

Purple Ayahuasca From Hillside Pharms – 7.5/10


  • greasy
  • fairly strong clear packing tape smell
  • earthy
  • has a sour dusty scent going on
  • diesel/gassy scent which becomes extremely prominent once broken open


  • tight, dense bud a little on the dryer side but still springy
  • manicure seems decent for the sample provided
  • even mix of light & dark greens with lighter amber stigmas & a good coating of trichomes
  • has a mostly dull/matte appearance
  • very sparkly on the inside when broken open
  • still fairly sticky


  • OCB single wide paper with smaller filter tip used
  • bused up decently with minimal stick in the grinder
  • however the bits that did stick in the grinder pretty much glued themselves in there and required a lot of poking to get loose
  • rolled nice & easily with zero issues resulting in a nice tight joint
  • ash is medium-darker grey and ultra soft


  • lettuce – dirty lettuce fresh from a garden
  • root vegetable taste
    • turnips
    • beets
  • has a taste that can only be described as the smell of a standard rubber balloon
  • very earthy
  • somewhat of a dank fall forest taste
  • getting skunkiness on the nasal exhales
  • a little bit sweet
  • has a painty taste close to the end


  • started to feel it during the last 1/2 of the doobie
  • intensifies a good amount by the time the joint is finished
  • has a bit of a chesty feeling
  • relieves pain
  • head feeling foggy & hazy
  • generally feeling pretty nice & stoned
  • dry eyes which lasted a long time & got worse as the high wound down
  • starts to fade heavily around the 1 – 1.5hr mark

Reviewed Sept 2, 2020

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