This edible was provided as a free sample for the purposes of review. Thanks Shades of Green!

Twisted Extracts Apple Sativa Jelly Bomb From Shades of Green – 9/10


  • apple candy
  • just a touch sour
  • a bit of papery smell
  • scent is pretty light
  • does not smell like weed or anything strange


  • small sealed mylar bag all done up in a nice professional manner complete with logo, ingredients, nutritional facts, storage & dosage instructions
  • not child resistant at all
  • gummy itself is approximately 50mm x 30mm x 10mm green brick that’s been scored into 8 squares measuring roughly 12.5mm x 15mm x 10mm
  • 80mg THC but if you cut it into the squares it works out to 10mg per square
  • appears to have lots of micro bubbles on the inside – noticeable when bitten into
  • jelly bomb is very sticky


The whole jelly bomb was started at 1:10pm and finished eating by 1:15pm

  • appley
  • pretty freakin bitter
  • little bit sour
  • has a herbal tea type flavour
  • can taste the weed
  • earthy & leaves a lingering bitterness
  • texture is extremely soft & sticky with just enough gummy chew
  • leaves a herbal tea/apple bitter taste lingering afterwards


  • 1:15pm – nothing
  • 1:20pm – eyes feeling a bit dry & more receptive to light
  • 2:00pm – feeling pretty decent – almost like I just puffed a bowl
  • 2:15pm – getting the woobles & feeling nice
  • 2:40pm – ate some food and now feeling extremely ripped
  • 3:00pm – smoked 2 bowls of Daily Special Sativa in a bong
  • 3:41pm – feeling ridiculously wrecked – dry mouth city
  • 4:20pm – still feeling pretty frickin done in but its 4:20 so going to smoke some more D.S.S in the bong
  • 6:22pm – still feeling incredibly baked
  • stopped keeping track after this point but damn this shits got a good high

Reviewed Aug 30, 2020

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