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Mercedes Hash – Chronic Post

Mercedes Hash from Chronic Post – 8/10

This hash was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from Chronic Post.


  • strong smell
  • spicy/peppery
  • leathery
  • a little bit minty
  • smells like an old leather jacket or like well worn leather horse gear
  • getting some earthiness
  • really nice classic type of hash smell


  • looks like hand ripped chunks
  • blackish and very soft
  • some shiny spots from where the hash had been rubbing against the bag it shipped in
  • mostly a dull matte appearance
  • some different coloured specks are visible – nothing out of the ordinary
  • slight greenish hue under direct LED lighting
  • ash is very light coloured – nearly white & firm until poked


  • this hash was sampled in a silicone spoon shaped pipe with a glass bowl and ceramic disc filter


  • earthy – kind of like licking a rock
  • wood type taste – more along the lines of charcoal
  • kind of tastes like the smell of a residential house that’s currently under construction and has all walls/roof up but interior is still not complete
  • a bit stale & metallic
  • burns very nicely


  • started to feel it during last few puffs of the bowl
  • nice foggy/hazy feeling
  • neck & shoulders feeling relaxed & at ease
  • has a bit of a chesty feeling
  • spicy aftertaste
  • ramps up after about 5min & seems fairly potent
  • still fairly functional but feeling pretty baked
  • lasts 1.5hrs or so

Reviewed Aug 26, 2020

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