Mary’s Sativa Bunnies (Extra Strength 300mg) from GanjaWest – 8/10


  • smells sweet – very very sweet
  • has a floral scent similar to herbal tea
  • orangey/citrus
  • no weed smell or anything odd/off at all
  • really smells like hibiscus passion iced tea from Starbucks


  • red mylar bag with the Mary’s logo and picture of a bunny among other info
  • bag is sealed but not child resistant
  • claims to be lab tested
  • has ingredients & nutritional information
  • bunny candies themselves are a bit rough looking
  • features on the bunnies are distorted
  • edges are ragged
  • there appears to be contamination both inside and out
    • when the bag was first opened, an orangey red bunny with what looked like a big chunk of mold on its side just stared me in the face
    • upon closer inspection it appears not to be mold but rather a piece of blue gummy from a different production run
    • some of the gummies have specks visible on the outside
    • some of the gummies have specks visible on the inside (unable to photograph the inner specks unfortunately)
  • really seems to be a lack of quality control
  • based on the ragged edges and misshapen features on some of the bunnies it’s questionable whether or not the product information is entirely accurate


These were eaten between 4:30 & 4:40 pm

  • tastes orangy
  • getting fairly strong weed taste
  • sour & sweet
  • has a bitterness to it
  • really tastes like orange Kool-Aid and weed
  • can definitely taste an earthy weed flavour that gets really strong after the last candy is finished
  • finishes with a somewhat soapy terpy weed & orange bitters taste


  • 4:40pm – nothing
  • 4:45pm – face is feeling fuzzy & head feels anxious – not anxiety mind you
    • feeling a little bouncy
  • 5:15pm – ate dinner (fried rice) – feeling pretty good
  • 5:30pm – feeling right stoned – like just smoked a gagger eyes kinda dry & noticeable
  • 7:30pm – still feels like I smoked a joint maybe 30min ago – very nice & long lasting effects

Reviewed Aug 25, 2020

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