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Wedding Crasher – King Tuts Cannabis

Wedding Crasher From King Tuts Cannabis – 9/10

This was a sample provided by a friend to marimoko.biz – you know who you are – Thanks Again! 🙂


  • very piney – like a sweet pine
  • hints of skunkiness
  • getting some mint..?
  • there is a gassy/greasy smell when broken open
  • really pleasant smell overall


  • seems like a decent manicure on the sample provided
  • medium sized buds are a little bit on the dryer side
  • still springy & dense
  • darker green bud w/ orangey brown hairs & lots of sparkly trichomes inside & out
  • pretty sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely with only a little bit of stickage in the grinder
  • seems like an average amount of crystally trichome dust left behind
  • rolled OK – a little on the tricky side for whatever reason but it resulted in a thicc tight joint
  • ash is lighter medium grey & a little gritty – stains fingers black


  • … tastes like tacos…? complete with crunchy corn shell & all the fixins – like taco supreme from taco bell – dafuq?
  • slightly bitter undertones
  • getting some cookies & cake type taste mid-way through
  • sort of like stale vanilla baked goods
  • starts getting a bit harsh a bit after half way point
  • tastes like the smell of an average home garage
  • hints of pine


  • started to kick in during last 1/4 of the doob
  • eyes watery from coughing
  • head in the clouds
  • walking around in a hazy fog
  • forgot what was going on for a while and just zoned right out
  • really nice high from this joint

Reviewed Aug 20, 2020

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