• fresh & gingery
  • somewhat cheesy
  • spicy
  • peppery


  • black energy drink style can with TWEED logo & standard health warnings
  • 355ml drink has 2mg of THC & less than 1mg of CBD but is equivalent to 5.1g of dried flower
  • has a weird childproof plastic thing on the top
  • poured into a glass it looks like regular gingerale
  • bubbly & golden though a bit pale


  • pretty nasty
  • tastes like gingerale that’s been dropped in the dirt but some guy was too cheap to just leave it so he tried to soak it up with an old dishrag and then squeezed it through a coffee filter and said “good nuff”
  • very very earthy & weed tasting – off-putting really
  • the weed taste actually overpowers the ginger – really that’s as impressive as it is disgusting
  • of course it’s gingerale too so it’s sweet & gingery & peppery


It took a while to drink the whole glass because of how gross it tasted.

There’s no noticeable high really however it does provide an overall nice feeling – not unlike the looser kind of feeling you get from a frosty beer.

Not getting high or woobly or anything to that effect – just a really pleasant good feeling through the whole body.

It’s very difficult to explain the feeling this drink provides – the closest thing would be like the first alcoholic beverage on a night on the town.

The cost is approximately $5 and even though the feeling was nice, the taste was fucking hideous – I would never drink this again or recommend it to anyone because it tastes that bad.
Seriously what do you have to do to overpower ginger for fuck sakes – sheesh.

Reviewed Aug 16, 2020 drinks, local dispensary, reviews

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