Shiva Skunk From MMJ Express – 7.25/10


  • greasy sweet tarts candy
  • sweaty plasticky petroleum products
  • hints of orange
  • has an oniony garlic type of skunkiness
  • reeked very very strongly as soon as the seal was torn off the bag


  • smaller peas
  • incredibly hard & flattened – too hard to be springy
  • considerably dry but still quite sticky
  • mostly darker mid-greens with low contrasting reddish/brown hairs
  • has some fairly noticeable purple
  • dull/matte white coating of trichomes


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up a little on the chunkier side
  • lots of bigger chunks mixed with powdery bits
  • above average amount of bud & crystally trichome dust stuck in the grinder
  • incredibly easy roll – very shocked considering the big chunks & powder combo but it held nicely & rolled very easily
  • ash is whitish grey & extremely soft


  • fresh earthiness
  • plasticky
  • sort of tastes like the smell of a clean but unused basement
  • hints of pine & cedar
  • incredibly earthy – like clay
  • getting some vanilla & cookies during the last 1/4


  • noticed it during the last 1/2 to 1/4 of the J
  • seems a bit minimal
  • nice but light buzz
  • getting some pain relief
  • somewhat surreal vision
  • 20min in and still feeling nice but hasn’t picked up at all
  • would be a good puff if you need to get shit done but not a quad high at all (was rated as a quad bud)

Reviewed Aug 18, 2020 flower, mmj express, reviews

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