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Daily Special Sativa $99oz

Daily Special Sativa $99oz From The Local Dispensary – 8.25/10


  • sour
  • earthy pine
  • forest fresh
  • little bit fruity
  • dry musty & dusty when broken open
  • almost has a kush nasal pinch type with hints of plasticky scotch tape


  • medium sized shaggy buds could definitely use a better trim
  • fluffy dense & springy even though its on the dry side
  • has some residual stickiness
  • mostly lighter green buds w/ brownish hairs all over & a nice coating of whitish amber trichomes
  • sparkles pretty good on the inside


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up fairly inconsistent & unevenly
  • left lots of bud stuck in the grinder
  • average amount of trichome dust left behind
  • rolled alright – still sticky enough to help w/ rolling
  • ash is inconsistent due to the chunky bust & wanting to go out however its mostly darker on the outside & lighter grey inner – slightly chunky


  • earthy
  • piney wood taste
  • has a fresh flavour that’s got some bitter undertones to it
  • getting a bit of a fruit gummy taste
  • joint keeps wanting to go out – does not want to stay lit


  • high hit about 1/2 way into the doob
  • feels pretty good
  • relaxed w/ pain relief
  • head & neck feel really good
  • light chesty feeling
  • gives a nice high without knocking you out
  • has a bit of spaceyness while trying to get shit done but can still mostly focus

Reviewed Aug 17, 2020

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