• smells like regular iced tea
  • nothing weird, no weed or earthy scents
  • lemony, mmm


  • tall blue bottle with a plain logo – picture of a tent
  • has all the standard Canadian legal stickers & warnings everywhere
  • label claims equivalent to 5.1g of dried cannabis while having less than 1mg of THC and 15mg of CBD in 355ml of liquid beverage
  • in a glass it looks a bit cloudy but otherwise normal and golden appearance


  • not much really
  • almost zero sugar – it does have sugar as the second ingredient but sure doesn’t taste sweet at all
  • very very mild tea taste
  • somewhat floral
  • hints of lemon
  • no strange weed, earthy, dirty taste etc. just tastes like weak-ass iced tea


This is really hard to describe since it’s not really giving a high.

There was some relaxation felt and the body felt more.. limber & at ease.

Definitely helps with pain.

Overall it was this really pleasant wave of chill goodness that just sort of ran through the whole body and stayed there.

Also felt perked up a fair amount which was really interesting.

It’s really tricky to describe the feeling provided by this drink and at this point in time there haven’t been any other CBD drinks at to compare this to.

This iced tea cost somewhere in the order of $5 which is about 1.5 – 2x the cost of a fancy no-sugar bottle of iced tea at any local store so it’s not too pricey.

At this cost and also considering that low sugar iced tea is actually one of my preferred beverages, combined with the overall relaxing hard-to-explain nice alert feelings – yes I’ll probably purchase a few more of these.

It was pretty damn nice for $5.

Reviewed Aug 14, 2020 drinks, local dispensary, reviews

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