Mary’s Extreme Strength Fudge Brownie From GanjaWest – 4/10


  • smells like a chocolate brownie
  • cocoa, chocolate, hints of vanilla
  • smells a lot like the chocolatey icing on a quality donut
  • absolutely zero weed/terpy/cannabis/plant smell – nothing weird or out of the ordinary at all here


  • brownie measures 55mm x 42mm x 20mm – yes it was measured with a ruler and it’s on the smaller side though not tiny
  • comes in a plastic clamshell container that looks like it was sold at a convenience store right next to the lotto tickets
  • has plain looking black/red/white label with ingredients & nutritional facts listed as well as storage instructions
  • claims to be lab tested
  • ingredients appear to be real – huge plus here – real butter, eggs, sugar, milk, chocolate – shit there’s walnuts?
  • the brownie itself looks good, fudgey and dark chocolatey
  • feels nice and heavy for the size – gotta be dense


  • soft inside with just the right amount of crispy/crunchy exterior
  • nice thick deep gooey fudge taste, mmmm
  • no cannabis taste at all – nothing weird like hay/grass/terpy/chorophylly – literally could be passed off to someone as a regular brownie
  • as far as brownies go, this is really really top notch – forget the THC aspect, this is just an all around blue ribbon at the local fair type brownie
  • there is a little bit of a dry mouth feel after the brownie is finished but apparently it’s got walnuts in it and sometimes walnuts dry out the mouth


This brownie was eaten slowly at 4:00pm

  • 4:15pm – brownie is finished and nothing so far
  • 4:25pm – feel just the slightest bit of body wooziness – incredibly minimal
  • 5:52pm – just finished eating a homemade donair and not feeling anything more than I did at 4:25pm
  • 6:10pm – going to smoke a bowl of cannabis flower – 2 bowls through a bong
  • 6:33pm – not feeling any more than normal after finishing puffing bowls
  • by the time bedtime rolled around – 10pm (ish) – still haven’t noticed anything special off of this brownie
  • slept very very well – one of the best sleeps in a long time
  • woke up feeling refreshed and energetic – no stoned or woobly feelings at all

So as for a high, really I got next to nothing. The fact that I could feel some body wooziness after about 10 – 15 minutes tells me that this brownie is definitely potent however most edibles don’t seem to effect me very strongly and this is no exception.
The Mary’s Extreme Strength Fudge Brownie from GanjaWest gets a 4/10 mostly because it tastes amazing – even if it had no THC it’s a quality brownie made with real ingredients.

Reviewed Aug 11, 2020 baked, ganjawest, reviews

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