This product was purchased from a Local Dispensary for the purposes of review.
GoodBuds list the product as being “Live Resin” on the container however all of the Local Dispensaries are advertising and listing this product as “Live Resin Hash”.
The cost for this product is considerably high at around $60 per gram and it’s being sold in half gram increments.

Lord of the Apes Live Resin “Hash” is a very interesting and considerably different product than anything else that has been tested and reviewed on marimoko thus far.
Initial impressions were mixed. And it is incredibly hard to recommend this product; primarily due to the hefty price tag and low quantity but also because of the bizarre look and texture.

If you have the cash to burn and are looking for a really different cannabis product to try with a pretty darn potent high – this would be it.

GoodBuds Lord of the Apes Live Resin Hash – 9/10


While this stuff was inside the container – a glass jar glued inside a metal tin – it had virtually zero smell.
There was the faintest hint of citrus.
But it was hard to tell if that was just an environmental scent or the product itself or even maybe just smelling some sort of residual cleaning agent on the tin or glass jar.
Even when the hash was removed from the container and placed directly under the nose it was very difficult to get a scent.
Mild is an understatement when it comes to how this stuff smells.


Upon opening the childproof metal tin, you’re met with a tiny glass jar complete with it’s own childproof black cap.
Glued dead center in the middle of the tin.
Feels like the packaging is overkill at first glance and maybe it is, but that little moat between the glass jar and the outer wall of the metal tin came in handy.

When the hash was poked, it exploded upwards and rained back down into the moat.
Be warned.

Opening up the lid of the glass jar presents you with the weirdest looking stuff.
Initially perceived to be garbage dust like the bottom of a zipper seal bag after you’ve finished smoking the ounce you were keeping in it.
This hash has been compared to peat pellets or coco mix for plants.

Feelings of being ripped off were very present when looking upon this brown hay-like dust.

When the Lord of the Apes resin is finally removed from the container you’re met with a really strange sticky brown powder.

If handled the wrong way it might explode a bunch of chunks off but once handled in your fingers it’s a strange sticky hash type consistency – very different and unique.
The live resin hash is able to be rolled into balls and will basically form any shape you can think of.

The ash left behind is very light grey – nearly white – and incredibly soft textured.


As with all hash that’s tested at marimoko, this was tested in a hash pipe.
Weapon of choice being a glass pipe with ceramic disc filter.


This stuff tastes pretty much exactly like a bowl of kief.
There’s a touch of mint which is really pleasant.
For some reason the major taste of smoking this live resin hash was like what you would get if you picked up a small pebble and put it in your mouth.
A very mild somewhat earthy taste.
Mild is the keyword – there are hints of plain cooked pasta and grey sludgy papier-mâché mix.


The high from this hits pretty hard and fast.
It’s very cerebral and can feel it intensely in the top of the forehead.
Only 3 or 4 puffs in and the buzz from the live resin is already potent.
It seems quite nice for pain relief & even has fairly pronounced euphoric properties.
There is a bit of a chestiness left behind that reminds you that you puffed something really strong not too long ago. Feeling it with each breath taken.
As for how long this high lasts, at peak potency about 45-60min and then slowly starts going down. Full length of time exceeding 2hrs.
Will this knock you down? Depends on your tolerance level – if you’re a concentrate smoker then you will notice that this is potent but will definitely not be happy about the price tag because you’ll feel it’s no better than that distillate or live resin cart you’ve been chuffing.
If you’re mostly a flower/hash person then this shit will fuck you up – royally.

Reviewed Aug 6, 2020

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