Super Silver Haze from Yeti Cannabis – 8.75/10


  • sweet citrus
  • orange/grapefruit – similar to Five Alive juice
  • earthy & warm
  • some grease/plasticky scent
  • getting hints of berry


  • mostly smaller sized buds
  • seem to have a decently machined manicure – very rounded off
  • incredibly hard & dense
  • mostly darker green w/ a minty green inside & brown stigmas covered in sparkly trichomes
  • a little on the dryer side but not bad at all
  • has some stickiness


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busts up nicely – good even consistency
  • stuck in the grinder a fair amount & left a decent portion of crystal behind
  • rolled nicely – no issues at all
  • ash is medium-dark grey & relatively soft but stains fingers black


  • citrus & pineapple
  • sweet berries
  • touch of pine
  • outdoor fall woods type of taste
  • woody
  • brown sugary
  • overall very nice – no bitter or nastiness at all


  • felt it hit during last half of joint
  • pretty potent feeling
  • light/foggy headed
  • helps w/ pain
  • feeling a bit motivated
  • super nice buzz – seems strong but not a couchlocker
  • good head/body buzz but energetic & slightly bouncy

Reviewed Aug 3, 2020

Super Silver Haze is the results of crossing genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze creates a beautiful, sticky sativa that boasts an energetic, long-lasting body high. The uplifting effects are a great for high stress levels or when suffering from a lack of appetite or nausea

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