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Sour Diesel – King Tuts

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel

Sour Diesel From King Tuts Cannabis – 9.25/10


  • sour
  • stinky
  • a little bit greasy/plasticky
  • earthy
  • some sweetness
  • has a scotch tape type of scent
  • getting some berry

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel


  • 3 huge cola buds all shoved in a smaller than average mylar bag
  • buds look like they have just enough trim
  • quite enjoy the “un-fucked-with” look of these colas – no machines rounded these off and raped them of trichomes and whatnot
  • tighter, dense & springy
  • incredibly sticky – left some goo on the bag
  • sparkles w/ heavy trichome coverage
  • nice green tones w/ a good amount of orangey/brown hairs
  • very nice moisture content

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel


  • RAW single wide paper w/ full size filter tip used
  • busted up decently w/ fair amount of stick in the grinder
  • minimal crystals left over in the buster
  • rolls very easily – sticky weed is easy to roll
  • ash is lighter grey – almost white – and ultra fine texture

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel


  • earthy
  • spicy
  • pine & cedar
  • citrus
  • hints of grease
  • little bit of a fermented fruit taste towards the end
  • burns very nice & slowly

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel


  • high hit just after 1/2 way point in the doobie
  • gives a chesty feeling
  • energetic w/ somewhat amplified vision
  • seems to help w/ pain
  • really nice functional high
  • lasts 1.5 – 2hrs

marimoko.biz - king tuts cannabis - sour diesel

Reviewed July 30, 2020

A Cross Between Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. A Sativa Dominant Hybrid.

King Tuts Cannabis Website

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