Black Cherry Soda From Hillside Pharms – 8.25/10


  • purple carrots
  • earthy
  • sweet & musty
  • tangy
  • strong peppery spice
  • greasy & farty
  • sort of has a tingly smell


  • big hair wrapped up inside the bud (a few smaller ones found while breaking it open)
  • seems like a decent manicure
  • nice green & purplish bud w/ orangey/brown stigmas
  • absolutely covered in sparkly trichomes
  • a little on the dryer side but still springy & a bit dense
  • very mildly sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to good consistency
  • some green stick in grinder but minimal
  • average amount of crystal left over in the buster
  • joint practically rolled itself – very easy to roll this grass
  • ash started off medium light grey & just a touch chunky but by end of the joint it was almost white & very soft .. not sure wtf.. maybe missed picking out a hair?


  • kind of nasty first few puffs
  • like an old abandoned car
  • bitter
  • sort of has a moldy taste – not unlike a mildewy dish rag
  • harsh
  • earthy
  • somewhat cough syrupy towards the end
  • last few puffs of the joint were sweet & yummy


  • started to feel during last 1/2 of the joint
  • seems to start in the neck/chest & radiate outwards
  • can smell a greasy skunkiness on myself
  • somewhat of a creeper, ramping up effects about 10min or so after finishing doobie
  • head & body buzz going on
  • really chill & relaxed
  • still OK to get things done but having spaced out moments here & there
  • lasts 1.5 – 2hrs

Reviewed Aug 1, 2020

Black Cherry Soda is a  fruity, soda-like tasting hybrid with frosty dense purple hued nugs. Black Cherry Soda’s flavor profile primarily consists of sweet earth tones intermixed with a potpourri of berry-flavored overtones. It has a nice  balanced mind and body effect characteristic of sativa strains in it’s headiness but leaving a nice mellow body after effect that increases in larger doses.

Black Cherry Soda is a potent medicine that hits without heavy sedation, making it popular among patients treating severe symptoms throughout the day.

The cerebral high from the strain soothes both the mind and body, creating an inner balance, inspiring creativity and relaxation. Demonstrating characteristics that are more in line with many of today’s Hybrid highs.

Grown in small batches, care is taken to give you the highest quality product. Our growing and post harvest techniques allow the maximum amount of trichomes are left intact in the final product so you can enjoy the blanket of crystal resin on our cannabis buds.

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