El Jefe From The Gentle Herb – 8.5/10


  • orange/citrus
  • tart like those primary coloured candies you get from a 25¢machine
  • greasy/plasticky
  • a touch dusty


  • good manicure
  • smaller sized buds are dry but still springy
  • tight & dense
  • overall has a golden hue
  • greens are all yellowy/golden
  • stigmas are amber/orangey and offer little contrast to the rest of the flower
  • seems to have a few ultra dark spots here and there – can’t tell if it’s dark green or dark purple or just black


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up OK w/ some stick & a good amount of crystal left in the grinder
  • rolled ok – fairly easily & came out nice & tight
  • ash is lighter medium grey w/ relatively soft texture


  • lemony & bitter
  • skunky pine
  • cough syrup sort of flavour – cherry
  • old semi used vacation trailer taste
  • little bit creamy
  • kind of tastes like salty ocean air
  • burns nice & slow


  • started to feel it closer to the end of the J
  • feeling it in the face/neck/chest/arms
  • nice body buzz
  • has me rockin out for at least 1.5-2hrs

Reviewed July 27, 2020

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