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BC Kush Outdoor – CAMMP

BC Kush Outdoor From CAMMP – 8/10


  • sweet & earthy
  • somewhat hayish
  • definitely has that kush nasal pinch but pretty subdued
  • honey/bee pollen
  • sweet grass
  • plasticky/rubber like a burnt vacuum cleaner belt (when broken open)


  • doesn’t really look like much manicuring – fairly leafy & stemmy
  • looser shaggy buds have a visible layer of trichomes on the outside and good amount when broken open
  • fairly dry – kept w/ a boveda but didn’t re-hydrate
  • have some springiness and hints of previous sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up very inconsistently sized
  • stuck pretty bad in the grinder – left a large amount of crystal behind
  • major pain to roll, came out all lumpy & mis-shapen
  • ash is darker grey but very very soft texture


  • wood/oakey
  • bitter & sweet
  • tastes like sage
  • gets harsh AF if you take deep hits but totally fine if you don’t
  • fruity sour candy/sour soother taste
  • skunky undertones
  • bit of mildewy dank cellar towards the end of the joint
  • leaves you with a chesty taste afterwards – like deep breaths are “weedy”


  • started to feel towards end 1/2 of doobie
  • nice buzz
  • very cerebtral
  • spacey/woobly – light/foggy headed
  • really nice chill high
  • still leaves me functional to get things done
  • lasts 1.5 – 2hrs

Reviewed July 28, 2020

I’S BACK – The cheapest weed anywhere. BC KUSH the classic outdoor, actual pictures, good for daytime smoke, extracts, mixing, blending, edibles & more. For the price it’s a sweet deal. Buy lots! Yes this is the same outdoor as last year. Price is for ONE OUNCE.

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