Viridesco Sea Warp Honey Oil From Just Cannabis – 9/10


  • smells very earthy
  • little bit terpy
  • spicy like hash
  • really nice smell mmmm


  • nice pop-top tube w/ professional looking logo
  • Patron dispenser – the awesome!
  • gorgeous amber colour
  • looks gold on paper until smeared then virtually disappears
  • visible oil on dispenser tip threads when purchased due to improper or clumsy fill – almost looks like its leaking (but it’s not)


  • no roll – 2x dabs & 1x dabstone


  • terpy
  • earthy
  • fruity – got a big haul full of grapeyness – bubblegum grape (it’s not flavoured oil)
  • a bit appley
  • has a touch of the classic old school oil taste


  • light buzz for the first 5 or so min after puffing
  • creeps up
  • head getting foggy
  • some chesty feelings
  • really hyped up
  • bouncy & energetic
  • lasts 1 – 1.5hrs

Reviewed July 25, 2020 dank, just cannabis, oil, reviews

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