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Happy Birthday Hash – Budem

This hash was provided as a “Free Gift” with a purchase from Budem.
It was simply labeled “Happy Birthday Free Hash”

Happy Birthday Hash From Budem – 6.5/10


  • a bit spicy
  • dirty
  • horse manure
  • old leather
  • smells like a clean barn full of horse gear on a hot sunny day


  • square-ish cut brownish chunk
  • has a salt or sugar crystal embedded into it
  • depending on light, has greenish and reddish hues
  • very soft & malleable
  • can see oxidization
  • ash is whitish grey – very firm even when poked


  • no roll – a glass hash pipe was used with a ceramic disc filter


  • soapy
  • airy like stale air
  • car exhaust
  • grainy – oats?
  • earthy – similar to clay
  • burns very very fast


  • started to feel about 3/4 into the bowl
  • very chill
  • nice & mellow
  • seems to provide a bit clearer vision
  • feeling nice & relaxed yet able to get things done
  • kind of light headed & spacey but not knocked out
  • doesn’t last long at all – around an hour or so

Reviewed July 24, 2020

Click here to view the alcohol test.

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