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Mother Of Berries – WTF!!! Cannabis

Mother Of Berries From WTF!!! Cannabis – 9/10


  • dusty, piney scotch tape
  • greasy skunk berries
  • has some sweetness
  • mmmm earthy
  • little bit of cat piss


  • very hard buds
  • nice manicure
  • tight/dense/springy
  • on the dryer side but still has hints of stickiness on the inside
  • even mix of light/dark green w/ white/yellow trichomes & orangey stigmas
  • colours all blend together w/ little contrast
  • dull look until broken open then sparkle sparkle!


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up to uneven inconsistent size
  • lots of stick in the grinder
  • above average crystals left in grinder
  • rolled OK – not super easy but not difficult at all
  • ash is very light grey w/ soft texture


  • earthy – like fall leaves
  • damn is it every fruity/berry tasting
  • like earthy/dirty berries
  • floral & sweet
  • a bit of stale air taste
  • burns nice & slow
  • has a milky aftertaste


  • this one hits fast – within first 1/4 of the J
  • heavy hitter!
  • full head/body – very potent
  • feeling spaced out & mind wandery
  • definitely a couchlock effect
  • find myself going to do something specific then realizing that I’ve been staring off into space for 5min or so & can’t remember what was going to be done

Reviewed July 22, 2020

Mother of Berries, also known simply as “MOB” to most of the cannabis community, is an indica heavy hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain created as a cross of the insanely delicious Blueberry X Jerry Berry strains. This bud boasts an average THC level that typically ranges between 19-21% and is infamous for its crazily delicious aroma and taste. The smell is said to be reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry pie and the taste is very much the same, but with a hint of sweet skunk upon exhale that intensifies as you continue to smoke. Mother of Berries buds have chunky heavy spade-shaped bright neon green nugs with deep purple undertones and a thick layer of frosty white chunky trichomes and sweet sticky resin. The Mother of Berries high hits you immediately with an uplifting cerebral effect that leaves you giddy yet utterly relaxed I both mind and body. If you have a low tolerance, this effect can quickly become sedative and narcotic, leading you to fall asleep almost immediately. Because of these effects, Mother of Berries is said to be the perfect strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

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