SkunkBerry From The Gentle Herb – 8.25/10


  • dusty
  • sweet berries
  • must & very dusty smelling – like an old house or cabin with a thick layer of dust
  • has an acrid scent to it
  • almost non-existent pine
  • light touch of plasticky skunk when broken open


  • tighter yet still somewhat fluffy buds – somewhat on the larger side
  • decent manicure
  • a bit springy but not really dense – feels airy & light
  • overall golden/yellow colour to the bud w/ green flecks & orange stigmas
  • visible trichomes on outside but no sparkle until broken open
  • fairly stemmy & dry
  • hints of stickiness


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely – smaller sized chunks & no stick in grinder
  • fair amount of crystal left in buster
  • one small poke through – bit tricky to roll since its fairly dry
  • ash is medium grey – very fine texture


  • plasticky
  • pine
  • similar to the smell of a campfire
  • citrusy but more like a sweet candy rather than sour like lemons
  • floral/berry – almost like juice or a freezie
  • has a wood taste to it
  • gets a bit harsh towards the end of the doobie


  • started to feel it about 1/2 way into the J
  • face is feeling fuzzy – right up in the cheeks
  • very cerebral w/ just a touch of body
  • bit of a chesty feeling but seems to go down deep to the belly
  • starts to wind down after about 1.5hrs

Reviewed July 17, 2020 flower, reviews, the gentle herb

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