Nepalese Temple Ball Hash From SpeedGreens – 8.5/10


  • very light scent
  • slightly minty
  • smells like it was torched with sooty orange flame
  • get an ultra light classic hash smell when held right up to the nose
  • when cut open, has a really beautiful old school black hash scent

50 Gram Ball of Hash is Wrapped in this Foil


  • rolled ball of black hash placed inside silicone lined plastic jar w/ screw lid & inserted inside mylar bag w/ Dhalsim from Street Fighter on the label
  • great packaging – very appealing
  • very soft & malleable
  • absolutely pitch black all the way through – no green/red/brown showing up & no streaks or stepping where different material was mixed or layered
  • concern about the hash being rolled – it comes as a single 50 gram ball which means cutting off pieces of hash for sale will not be ball shaped
  • someone (presumbaly at SpeedGreens) manually rolled this hash into a ball and that is a little disconcerting – it’s best to leave the hash as untouched as possible
  • requested some of the foil/label from the 50G ball & SpeedGreens was happy to accommodate – they sent the whole piece of foil, Thank you SpeedGreens!


  • no roll – a glass hash pipe was used for this test


  • very light flavour
  • airy & mild taste
  • very smooth
  • tastes somewhat like a cross between freezer burnt, stale air & tepid water
  • has that classic old school black hash taste
  • very pleasant smoke


  • felt it on the 2nd or 3rd puff
  • strong yet mellow
  • very nice high – seems full head/body
  • helping to alleviate pain
  • nice bit of head fogginess w/ some surreal-vision
  • pretty potent buzz
  • only lasts about an hour before winding down – gone by 1.5hr mark

Reviewed July 18, 2020

Hashish origins date back thousands of years to Lebanon and Nepal, where the annual cannabis harvest was concentrated and cured for storage to last until then next harvest season.

This is prized connoisseur grade hash meant to be aged for extended periods of time allowing all the essential oils to meld together in perfect harmony. Temple Ball hash is a fully decarboxylated whole-plant cannabis concentrate with purities as high as 80% without the use of solvents. *very rare import from Nepal / while quantities last*

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