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Dutch Platinum Live Hash – King Tuts

Dutch Platinum Live Hash From King Tuts Cannabis – 9.75/10


  • potent
  • sour & acidic
  • little bit of sweetness
  • tangy – reminiscent of those fluoride gel cups used at the dentist
  • has a “fresh weed” type of smell
  • somewhat citrusy
  • really fills your nasal passages/lungs
  • not the typical hash smell at all


  • nice sized chunk arrived inside parchment inside a mylar bag
  • blonde – wasn’t expecting such a light colour
  • very soft & malleable yet fairly crumbly
  • has a sort of greenish/gold colour about it
  • almost looks like pressed kief


  • this was not rolled – it was tested in a hash pipe


  • melts & catches on fire when flame hits it – clogs bowl
  • tastes very much like a bowl of weed crystals or finger hash but not nearly as harsh
  • takes effort to get it to cherry & smoke properly
  • has an icing sugar type taste
  • some classic hash/kief flavour


  • hits hard & fast!
  • started to feel it very strongly on the second puff
  • very very strong cerebral high
  • this stuff is extremely potent – very much like finger hash level of buzz
  • lasts a long time, +2hrs easily

Reviewed July 15, 2020

This is some Premium, very rare Hash. Bubble is extracted from Premium Fresh Frozen Flower. That Bubble is then Freeze Dried, taking out all of the moisture. With that Freeze Dried Bubble, Some is taken and pressed into Live Rosin. That Live Rosin is then added to the Freeze Dried Live Bubble to create the perfect consistency. Dutch Platinum Live Hash is born.

King Tuts Cannabis Website

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