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Acapulco Gold – Home Grown (by a friend)

This batch of cannabis was grown by a friend of marimoko.biz – It was admittedly fucked up during the grow. It’s still smokeable but not the prettiest looking weed out there. A sample was provided for the purposes of review.


  • wood – wet wood after a heavy rain
  • smells very sweet
  • a touch of hay
  • little bit of plasticky smell
  • getting some of the kush nasal pinch
  • steeped tea bags
  • chicken noodle soup powder mix
  • has a deeply sweet smell – not unlike brown sugar


  • fairly certain there was no trim done on this, otherwise there probably would have been nothing left after trimming
  • no tight buds whatsoever – what buds are there happen to be extremely loose and shaggy
  • there is a sparkle to it
  • good green colour with orangey/brown stigmas
  • seems cured pretty decently & hints of stickiness


  • RAW single wide w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up nicely w/ noticeable amount of trichomes left in grinder
  • rolled extremely easily but much smaller than preferred – hard to gauge right amount to use due to extreme fluffiness
  • has a medium-light grey ash w/ very soft texture


  • clean & sweet
  • earthy
  • tangy
  • minty latex paint
  • wood/oak taste – but not bitter
  • kind of tastes like the smell of an abandoned house – near the end of the joint


  • started feeling it about 1/2 way into the doobie
  • pronounced feeling in the forehead but can also feel it in the head/neck/shoulders area
  • feeling a bit more alert – even w/ fuzzhead going on
  • actually feeling quite stoned – really nice!
  • high lasts & stays potent +2hrs

So the look of this stuff is pretty crap – there’s no denying that.

If this was being sold as buds and charged more than $45-$50/oz, it would not go over well.

However the high on this really surprised me & it’s cured properly and burns nicely even for having a lot of leaf that was all left in the joint – leaves a decent looking ash that’s very smooth to the touch.

Really impressive is the fact that the high from this felt just as strong at the 1.5hr mark as it did a few minutes after finishing the doobie.

If this was being sold in pre-rolls then it would be indistinguishable from any other pre-roll but the buzz would definitely be there and wouldn’t let you down.

This stuff is not for sale of course but there’s got to be some basis for comparison with purchased bud.

The high is really nice on this.

If this was purchased as buds, rating would be 4/10

If this was purchased as a pre-roll (assuming it was rolled decently), rating would be 8.75 – 9/10

Reviewed July 12, 2020

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