Maui Waui From MMJ Express – 9/10


  • skunk – as soon as seal was ripped off the bag – skunk kicked me in the nose
  • once opened, getting very strong smell of onion/garlic (w/ skunk)
  • has a bit of a sweet leafy forest smell
  • touch of plasticky/rubber scent
  • somewhat of a dusty undertone


  • manicure is really nice – probably machined
  • smaller buds are dense & springy
  • very sparkly & visible trichomes
  • bright green w/ some darker green spots & purpley/brown stigmas
  • somewhat sticky


  • RAW single wide paper w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up very chunky & stuck inside the grinder quite a bit
  • lots of crystal left in grinder afterwards
  • incredibly easy roll – very smooth & tight – nice moisture content & stickiness
  • ash is medium dark grey w/ soft texture


  • first puff was nice & clean/fresh
  • second puff was hardcore pine/cedar taste – bitter & very coughy
  • getting some glue flavour
  • bit of citrus/lemon
  • not death bitter – more like a pleasant craft beer
  • gets harsh & coughy with deep puffs
  • has a very pronounced floral aftertaste – like the flower section of a greenhouse


  • noticed it on the 2nd puff – probably the coughing but yep, hits fast & hard – basically *cough cough* BAM!
  • very nice feeling – mostly cerebral
  • feeling it in the very very top of the head & radiating downwards
  • eyes feel dry & more sensitive to light
  • bit of dry mouth
  • lasts well over 2hrs

Reviewed July 9, 2020

Maui Waui, is a sativa dominant strain, which is mostly found and grown in the Hawaiian Islands. The buds of the strain are covered by wonderful crystals which make it look quite tempting for patients and cannabis users. As for the smell, you will note a hint of pine along with citrus and lavender. Furthermore, the strain tastes like fresh hash. The strain offers a high-end euphoria along with pineapple flavors that allow your mind to drift away to creative spaces. Its affects are all you will ever need to get outside and remain active throughout the day which is why it is an excellent day and morning smoke. The high is quite different, as it will leave your body buzzing and in an excellent mood. Moreover, you will also note an increase in focus and concentration without feeling strange or uncomfortable which is the case with other cannabis strains. That being said, the Maui Wowie is also quite effective against various medical conditions including stress, chronic pain and depression. Keeping this in mind, there is no doubt that the strain will leave you feeling relaxed and energized regardless of how horrible your day may have been already.

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