Juicy Hemp Wrap – 6/10

Juicy Hemp Wrap

This wrap was purchased at a local head shop at the recommendation of one of the staff members.

It’s a two pack of Original flavour hemp based wraps from the Juicy brand – the company that makes Juicy Jay’s papers.

Even though this product is listed as Original, these wraps have been sweetened with an unknown substance – just like Juicy does with all of their papers.

If you don’t like sweetened papers/wraps then it would be recommended to avoid Juicy products, however if sugary puffs are your thing then this wrap will be right up your alley.


  • vanilla
  • bubblegum
  • some kind of cleaning product
  • smells like a cake – exactly like a cheap Little Debbie vanilla Zebra Cake

Two Pack Rolled Together


  • nearly 1/2 the packaging is taken up by a draconian “smoking is bad for you” message
  • remainder of packaging is fancy & feels a bit too busy looking yet professional
  • has a zipper seal for freshness and a comical “emergency bypass” notch in case you can’t work the zipper seal – probably good for people with reduced dexterity
  • claims to be hemp w/ no tobacco but doesn’t say what other ingredients are
  • wraps are classic brown tobacco-style
  • both of the brown wraps are rolled together around a plastic straw with cellophane in between
  • impossible to unroll only one wrap – need to undo both just to get at one
  • very soft – almost feel wet
  • slightly wrinkled
  • nice area where the wrap is thinner to act as a “glue strip” – although there is no glue or gum to keep it sealed
  • there are random pieces of small clear cellophane rolled into the wrap – inspect carefully to avoid smoking plastic

Plastic Shards – DO NOT SMOKE


  • rolled really easily – probably the easiest blunt wrap to roll thus far
  • the “glue” strip area is nice but didn’t want to stick – worse than typical blunt wraps & required incredible slobbering to make it stay
  • seam started to pop open while puffing – really does not want to stay sealed
  • extremely sweet – thought the original flavour would be plain but this wrap has been ridiculously sweetened
  • ash is super soft – nice grey cigar look to it


  • sweet – the wrap was sweetened so you will taste sugar
  • pretty smooth for a blunt
  • kind of appley
  • reminiscent of a tobacco blunt
  • smells sweet to bystanders
  • despite the sweetness, it’s a very nice slow burning good tasting smoke
  • great if you like sweet wraps and still not bad if you don’t

Wraps Were Wrinkled


  • these wraps do not get you high – that will depend what you roll into them
  • mixed shake was used for the purposes of this test (and it was good)

Reviewed July 6, 2020

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