ScienceLabs Clear Shot (Grape) From Tegridy Farms Cannabis – 9/10

This ScienceLab Clear Shot is a 400mg THC liquid “edible

It can be consumed alone or mixed with a beverage of choice.

The flavour options at this time are: Plain, Grape & Watermelon.

The grape flavour was purchased from Tegridy Farms Cannabis for the purposes of this review.

Cost was approximately $20 CAD.


  • grape – really though? I’d be scared if it smelled like hay or something
  • it smells like a melted grape popsicle – so yummy!


  • small glass bottle with a plastic sealed top
  • nice label – looks pro & “sciencey” – minimal but aesthetically pleasing
  • cannabis oil is visible in a layer at the top – indicates to shake well
  • after shaking, cannabis oil appears to be mixed fairly well
  • very simple ingredient list: water, sugar, cannabis oil
  • where does the grape flavouring and purple colour fit in on the ingredient list? – are there other undeclared ingredients mixed in?
  • label specifies no potent cannabis taste
  • serving suggestions of 1/4, 1/2 & Full bottle – 100, 200 & 400mg THC respectively
  • 13.3mg THC per 1ml of shot

Where does the grape flavouring and purple colour fit in on the ingredient list?


  • no rolling of this edible occurred


  • drank bottle at 1:20pm on an empty stomach
  • chewed/swished it around in a few sips to gain flavour profiles & enhance potency/effects by absorption under the tongue
  • very very thick & syrupy
  • extreme grape flavour
  • has a somewhat medicinal undertone
  • kind of strange – it’s almost like it starts to give you that bitter chemically cough syrup taste and then.. just doesn’t get there
  • unbelievably sweet – probably better off mixing this with something
  • has an almost tobacco-like finish to it which is kind of interesting
  • the label is not wrong – there is no cannabis taste to this at all, no bitterness or anything


  • felt the effects at 1:22pm – two minutes in!
  • eyes feel slightly heavy but more like they’re bloodshot red
  • head is foggy
  • really woozy feeling
  • somewhat surreal vision
  • almost feeling drunk but not tired/stupid/slurred
  • ate some food (2 pizza pops & 1 bowl of cookiedough ice cream between 1:30 & 1:45pm
  • 1:50pm – feeling less “drunk” but still righteously buzzed
  • felt the effects of this for the entire rest of the day
  • had a better sleep than usual
  • woke up feeling extremely refreshed the next day

Reviewed July 5, 2020

THC syrup that has NO cannabis TASTE

Tired of nasty cannabis syrups?
Tired of losing half your concentrate to the sides of the cup or bottle?
Tired of child’s play?

ScienceLab has your Clear Shot ready to go!

400mg of THC infused into each bottle

4 varieties to choose from (Grape, Natural, and Watermelon)

All you will taste is the organic flavours we have blended in.


*30ml glass clear bottles with black caps.

– – – – –


THC Content: 13.3mg of THC per ml of syrup (30ml total per bottle)

Serves 2-4times (SHAKE BEFORE USE)Ingredient: water, sugar, cannabis oil Per bottle: 30ml calories/ calories: 55 fat/ lipides: 0g sodium/ sodium: 0mg carbohydrate/ glucides: 17g sugars/ sucres: 18g


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