Mary’s Espresso Chocolate Bar From Tegridy Farms Cannabis – 9.5/10


  • cocoa powder
  • instant coffee grinds


  • huge bar – seriously massive size – you could rob a bank with it
  • packaging is nice & classy looking – not childproof
  • simple logo & easy on the eyes colours
  • card stock paper label glued around paper foil wrapped bar
  • paper foil is sealed w/ a Mary’s sticker
  • bar itself seems mottled brown colour – almost looks like its starting to bloom
  • 10 squares – each has “Mary’s 30MG THC” molded in however it looks like it says “Mary’s JOMO INC” on most bars
  • really soft – took no effort to snap off a square
  • on closer inspection – what appeared to be almost a chocolate bloom seems to be kief ??


  • no

Is That Kief Mixed In?


Ate one square at 2:35pm

  • taste is interesting – nice mocha w/ spice similar to ginger cookies
  • really good chocolate taste & texture
  • has ground up espresso beans or instant coffee in it which adds just a bit of crunch texture but melts away
  • sort of has a weed taste to it but really mild – like chewing on a stem from a bud


  • felt it within minutes – less than 5min
  • feels like I’ve got a really good head buzz going on
  • kind of feel woobly & out of it but keeping it together well
  • want to eat another one right away…
  • starts winding down about 3:40pm so roughly an hour later

I have never experienced a high like this with an edible – this was very similar to smoking a joint. It hit hard and fast but didn’t last too long. I let the chocolate melt in my mouth until it’s gone rather than gobble it down fast so that may have something to do with the difference in high between this and other edibles that I’ve had.

Reviewed June 24, 2020 chocolate, dank, reviews, tegridy farms cannabis

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