I received this Grav Glass Blunt from a friend for the purposes of review. Thanks again! 🙂

Grav Glass Blunt – So Good You Should Buy Two!

Grav Glass Blunt

This thing is awesome.

Initially I thought this would be sort of like a glorified one hitter – like the Bio Stix but with extra parts. And while that might be a simplified way of looking at it, this piece is so much more.

A simple brown box with a plain white label complete with image & description of the product is the first thing you see.

Tucked away inside the box -inside a piece of thin foam sheeting- is the Grav Glass Blunt; two tubes of glass, the smaller of which has a crimp on one end and a bulbous mouthpiece on the other.

The two pieces are held together with a silicone grommet. I got pink!

Upon inspecting the piece, it looks like the crimp is just a simple pin push through the glass to prevent ash and bits of plant material from making it’s way to your mouth – like a built in glass filter.

The two pieces together seem a little strange at first with the silicone feeling a bit stiff yet the ends of the glass pieces clinking together a little bit. However with some bud packed inside it, the wobbliness goes away and it’s a very simple affair to push the inner mouthpiece up through the silicone grommet.

The Pinch At The Tip Prevents Material From Hitting Your Mouth

I experimented quite a bit with this apparatus over the course of a fortnight and I’ve got to say I think this thing is fantastic.

Simply pack it and light it up like a blunt or marijuana cigarette and push the mouthpiece up towards the plant material to bring the ash and cherry to the surface.

The first time I filled it full up with some mixed bottom of the bag shake.

It was the first time using it and unfortunately it wasn’t stuffed as tight as it should have been so while lighting the blunt, a piece of plant material made its way into my mouth.

This was quickly solved by pushing the mouthpiece up towards the bud just a little to pack it in a bit. What happens is the mouthpiece pushes the plant matter and compresses it just a bit before it starts to push it out of the tube. This ensures that it’s now tight enough to puff without getting a mouthful of gunk.

Just don’t get overzealous because it’s very easy to pack too tight and then have a hard time getting a good haul.

When it comes to loading this device, I’ve tried a few different ways and prefer busting up some bud and having it in a container that lets you push & twist the blunt down into it.

I tried pulling the bigger tube off the grommet and packing it “backwards” stabbing and twisting the end that goes in the grommet side. Then when its sufficiently packed, put the grommet back on and use the inner glass piece to push your material all the way to the tip.
This works but I found that when the inner piece is pushing the material up, a few small pieces of plant matter get stuck to the sides of the outer tube and don’t get smoked.

So I found it’s best to pack it in from the lighting end.

Different levels of moisture, size of grind, stickiness, etc. all affect the way the Grav Glass Blunt gets packed. Sometimes it only pushes a little bit of material in and then sticks and other times it will easily fill all the way with no poking required.

Best to keep a poker nearby when loading up – just in case.

I tried smoking plain hashish out of this device – that was a bust.

It just wouldn’t light up and more or less clogged the tip of the tube.

That might be tried again because different hashes smoke and burn differently and I only tried one of about a dozen on hand.

I also mixed a different kind of hashish with some cannabis and tried that too – it smoked, but it burned very unevenly.

At this time – I’d say hash is probably best left out of this

I also layered cannabis and kief together in the blunt and tried that out.
The kief packed so tight that it made the thing unsmokeable.

I resorted to pushing a long thin pin through the length of the material and creating an air hole to puff.

That worked but again – like with the hash/cannabis mix – it burned unevenly and caused issues with the smokability.

Another test saw the addition of kief to cannabis in a nice thick blend in probably a 1:3 ratio.

This was a bit tricky to pack in – required some poking because the kief made the bud very sticky & dense.

Again the burn was very uneven – I watched as the material burned and streaks of cherry and resinous oil made their way down the sides of the material.
Very cool to watch but not great to smoke.

Yet another test saw me holding the mouthpiece of the Grav Glass Blunt to the glass stem of my bong.

This works incredibly well (albeit somewhat finicky – DO NOT DROP)

I received one of the fattest bong rips that I’ve had in a long long time from this.

And it was a great smooth bong rip because you can – if you’re careful – gently push the burning ember up to the tip as you’re taking a haul, basically ensuring that you wont be smoking any side glass resin and always a fresh “top of the bowl” type hit as you chuff.
Really amazing.

As for cleaning – a little 99% Isopropyl alcohol & a BrightBay Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner makes quick work of any resin and grime.

Even the silicone grommet is ok in the alcohol so just have a good grip & be careful not to clink the glass together or anything while cleaning and you’re set.

Overall I really love this little thing. It works incredibly well and is low priced which means buy two in case you drop it.

I’ve tried it as a blunt, as a “one hitter”, and as a “bowl” for my bong.

I used multiple strains and blend and hashish and kief etc.

Really theres no downside to this thing that I can see aside from durability but just be careful – it’s glass after all.

I love the fact that you can keep the ash moving and keep the cherry at the tip at all times.

That’s one of the nastiest things about smoking pipes and bongs – getting a side or bottom of the bowl resin hoot – nasty!

Reviewed during the month of June 2020

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