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Rolling Stone Hash – Chronic Post

This product was included as a “Free Gift” with a purchase made through Chronic Post

Rolling Stone Hash From Chronic Post – 7.5/10


  • leathery & spicy
  • hints of horse & livestock
  • bit of pepper
  • classic old school hash smell – this hash smells really good


  • brownish rough looking chunks
  • appears to be hand-ripped off a larger block & jammed into a bag
  • has shiny spots from where it contacted & rubbed against the bag
  • a couple lighter brown specks visible
  • has a reddish hue in sunlight
  • nice & soft – very pliable


  • no roll – smoked using a glass hash pipe w/ ceramic filter disc


  • hash would not stay lit – forming into a disc w/ holes poked through did not burn well at all
    • tasted basically like stale lighter fluid which was really nasty

Tried it again another day, same pipe but with little balls instead of a flat disc

  • hash still didn’t want to stay cherried but it burned a lot better in small balls than a flat disc
    • pine
    • hot sand at the beach
    • fake chocolate
    • pie crust
    • kind of buttery popcorn – emphasis on the buttery


  • hit pretty much immediately after finishing the bowl
  • very cerebral – head is up there
  • feeling a little bit surreal vision
  • lasted a good while +2hrs although it mellows way out after the first hour

Reviewed June 22 & 24, 2020

Hashish is produced practically everywhere in and around Afghanistan. The best kinds of Hash in Afghanistan originate from the Northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border (Balkh, Mazar-i-Sharif).
The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy Indicas. In Afghanistan Hashish is pressed by hand after the addition of a small quantity of tea or water. The Hashish is worked on until it becomes highly elastic and has a strong aromatic smell. In Afghanistan, the product is stored in the form of Hash-Balls (because a round ball has the least contact with air), however, before being shipped, the Hash is pressed tightly in 100g slabs generally. Good qualities of Afghani are signed with the stem of the producing family.

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