Sea Warp From The Gentle Herb – 6/10


  • bubblegum – juicy fruit
  • bit of cheese or sour milk smell
  • some dusty scent
  • a bit of earthiness


  • hard to say about manicure – about as good as it could be all things considered I guess
  • somewhat fluffier – kind of shwaggy looking buds
  • brownish green w/ dark dark green areas – nearly black
  • relatively dry – not sticky at all
  • no sparkle on the outside but lots of glistening when broken open
  • very difficult to see the stigmas in the weed


  • RAW single wide w/ smaller filter tip used
  • busted up easily & looks like a normal pile of bud (but it’s filled with paper ripping mini twigs)
  • very dry & lots of tiny little stems caused two papers to rip
  • extremely difficult rolling experience – bud was way too dry w/ so many pokeys – almost put it in a bong
  • ended up rolling much smaller J than normal
  • ash is dark – almost black and relatively soft but has a little chunkiness to it

Dark Ash


  • creamy
  • floral
  • nutty
  • a little bit of earthiness
  • has a weird perfume type taste but not bitter or alcoholic – more like youre tasting the smell of the perfume
  • a touch harsh – gets much much harsher towards the end
  • bit of pine flavour


  • started feeling it about 1/2 way into the J
  • moderate body buzz
  • seems to help alleviate pain which is cool
  • not knocking me down – still have energy to get things done
  • medium-low buzz lasts a long time +2hrs

This Bud Rips Papers

Reviewed June 20, 2020

Friendly flower Seawarp, smaller tight light greennugs with a good amount of crystal and a citrus / earthy nose.

Seawarp is a balanced hybrid from BC’s sunshine coast its happy uplifting effects are best suited for treating stress, depression, pain and lack of appetite.

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