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These are effectively blunt wrap cones made from ????? – No ingredients listed on the package.

They are similar to the old tobacco blunt wraps that were available back in the day, only these are pre-rolled cones made of ????? – however they have zero tobacco.

For anyone unfamiliar, it’s basically a chopped, preformed thick sheet of rolling material that holds more bud than an average rolling paper & burns slowly like a cigar.

A lot of people use tobacco based blunt wraps because the combination of tobacco and cannabis can be fairly potent & the taste is much different.

Blunts are also commonly smoked in large groups and not usually as a one person thing.

I don’t normally roll blunts, but I had some wraps so I did this review.

This review specifically refers to the Sage flavour.


  • smells like chocolate & berries
  • somewhat like a date square
  • incense type smell going on
  • getting the sage smell off of it – not unlike a turkey or breakfast sausages
  • weird oat/fiber smell
  • smells like if it was eaten, it would keep you regular
  • also getting some sort of bizarre cookie scent off the thing


  • purple/black packaging is nice enough – not a lot going on
  • missing the ingredient list – wtf is it made from??
  • zipped for later use
  • cones are inside a protective sleeve w/ straw inside to prevent crushing
  • really ultra dark – nearly black looking material w/ lighter brown specks everywhere
  • pre-rolled filters are inserted in the cone & one is too far up inside
  • cones feel wet
  • visible strange looking glue line on the cones where the seam was glued shut


  • it’s a pre-roll so no rolling required
  • packing it is pretty straight forward – just poke in some busted up shiz with the little straw a bit at at time
  • used tangerine, lemon haze & cali bubba – unknown amount used – would guess 1.5 – 2 grams

One Filter Way Up In There


  • bitter
  • smells like a pile of burning leaves
  • very very bitter & nasty tasting
  • burns funny – wrap sort of banana peels outwards & makes a mess as it flakes off
  • gets much less bitter about 1/2 way in
  • burns slowly – but that’s really one of the points of this thing..
  • getting some of the burnt pile of leaves taste
  • harsh on the throat
  • really not a pleasant wrap – if this was your first one, I bet you’d get turned off of wraps from this

Visible Glue Line


  • these wraps will not make you high, it depends what’s put in them so this section is basically moot

The Wrap Burns Funny

Reviewed June 16, 2020 reviews, wraps

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